Survival Common Sense

Live Longer with Tips and Techniques to Survive a Wilderness or Urban Emergency

One of the first winter camping items you should get is wool pants. Here is how to pick the ones that will suit your needs best.

Some of the best items for survival kits are common, easily-found products. One of those is a large metal cup. A tin cup can be used for many things.

The ability to start a fire under survival conditions can save your life. The inability can cost your life. Here are some tips for finding dry tinder under wet, stormy conditions.

The Bark River Cub is a proven design that works very well for a hunting/survival knife. Here is what I found out when I field tested one on a whitetail.

As the outdoor temperatures start to drop, it’s essential to make sure that your home is prepared and ready for the cold weather ahead. No matter where you live, winter can present challenges for safety.

Combine a classic design with hand-forged quality and superior steel and you get the Lon Humphrey Minuteman. There is a lot to like about this knife.

Your clothing is your first line of defense against hypothermia and hyperthermia. It's true that there isn't bad weather, just bad clothing choices for the existing conditions.

Your ability to start a fire can save your life! The inability can cost it! Here are some common methods, and how well they work!...

A hunter's daypack houses a very personal collection of gear designed to keep you safe, dry and warm. It also must contain meat cutting tools and equipment. Here's what I carry in mine.

If you are looking for ways to become more self-sufficient, then you need this book in your preparedness library.

I never imagined writing a wilderness survival blog and getting a book published about survival skills. Most wilderness survival sites last about 18 months, celebrated its eleventh anniversary this October.

My knife testing generally starts in the kitchen, since that is where most people use knives. In some instances, you can tell right off the bat that the blade is not going to work for food preparation. In others, the knife might work so well that it never...

Too light a sleeping bag can put you in danger of hypothermia. Too heavy a bag may be too hot for comfort. Here's how to pick a good one for your specific needs.

Flint and steel is one of the oldest methods of starting a fire. Here is how to find a rock that will help you create that initial spark.

There is nothing like advice, tips and suggestions from someone who has been there and done that. This guest post (de-brief!) is from Nathan Cossey, who completed his first Over The Counter tag archery elk hunt in Colorado. He has some great insights on g...

Every year about this time the deer hunters are checking and reviewing their gear to decide about possible equipment upgrades.  Here are some items I have tested thoroughly and regularly use, and that I would buy again.

Cotton has wonderful absorption properties. But those very same qualities are what makes cotton a poor choice for preparedness clothing. Here is why cotton is a really bad choice for your outdoor wear.

Nothing is more miserable that a night spent shivering from the cold or where you just can't stay comfortably warm. Here are 10 tips for staying warm and getting a good night's sleep.

Apparently a lot of people have had sore feet at some point while hiking! Here is some of the feedback and suggestions we've received on Facebook and in the comments. (And all you servicemembers - thanks for your service and the go...

A major decision and choice when buying hiking boots or shoes is whether to get the waterproof versions or not. You might be surprised why this is important, and which version will be the best for you.