Survival Common Sense

Live Longer with Tips and Techniques to Survive a Wilderness or Urban Emergency

Looking for a lightweight but sturdy daypack to become your Get-Home or Bug-Out bag? Or how about a comfortable carrying pack for day hiking or short trips? This quality Beretta day pack can make hauling gear much easier.

Be ready for any emergency, at any time. From clothing recommendations to picking the best firestarter, expert survival instructor Leon Pantenburg shares his considerable knowledge of bushcraft and survivalist skills so that anyone—backpackers, preppers,...

Here is my go-to fire making method for survival situations and how to use it. My number one choice is a combination of cotton balls infused with petroleum jelly and ignited with a ferro rod.

Best do-it-all knife? It doesn't exist! But a combination of a fixed-blade knife and a multi-tool will probably be able to handle all your outdoor/survival cutlery needs. Here is why you need a combination of those tools.

Summer is here, and if you're doing anything outside you need to stay hydrated. Try weed (or herb) tea. Drinking lots of water isn't enough - you also need electrolytes. This video shows a simple tea recipe that supplies vitamins and minerals and uses com...

When I tell stories about my time in the wild, people often look at me like I’m a little crazy.   by Nicole Apelian (Editor’s note: I met Nicole Apelian at the 2019 Flintlock Two gathering in Arkansas and attended two of her classes. She is the real...

How do you preserve history, learn from experienced outdoors people and interest newcomers in outdoor activities? One proven method has worked for eons: tell stories. Here is a good hunting story.

Catching a spark and blowing it into a flame is a skill that can save your life. Charcloth is a material that has been "cooked" like charcoal is at high temperatures until it becomes black. Properly-made charcloth will easily catch a spark and grow into a...

The widest spot on the Mississippi is Lake Winnibigoshish.

Cutlery goes through fads and fashion cycles just like anything else. Here are a few that need to fade into the sunset.

The grind, or edge confirmation, of a blade will determine what jobs it does well. Here's how to choose that best grind for your knife.

Suppose you need to start a fire, it's been raining, and all the sticks are wet. Here's how to make dry firestarting materials.

Here's how to make a high efficiency biomass stove out of concrete blocks. This design can be made from debris in the aftermath of a tornado or other disaster.

  Can bushcraft skills and techniques be adapted to urban settings? I think so, and that is what “Bushcraft Basics: A Common Sense Wilderness Survival Handbook” is about. by Leon Pantenburg I never gave much thought to writing a survival book. Since...

If you only had one tool to use for clearing land, building a cabin and possibly self defense, chances are you'd pick an axe. Take a look at this axe for inclusion in your emergency gear. A quality ax may be worth its weight in gold.

Do you carry a mylar blanket as an emergency shelter item? If so, here's why you should get rid of it.

What qualities need to be included the best survival/hunting knife is the topic of endless discussion. But maybe the conversation should start with the attributes you don't want. Here are some suggestions.

You're driving home from work, something "big" just happened and you're completely stuck in gridlock on the highway. But, you're prepared for this scenario. You abandon your car, grab your Get-Your-Ass-Home backpack out of your trunk and start walking. Ho...

Suppose you need to store emergency gear, but don't have room in your apartment. Here are some tips for finding and using that space you didn't know you had.

A good way to acquire a reliable lighting source and save money is to look for used gas lanterns at thrift stores and garage sales. Here are some things to check the lanterns for.